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How to Watch TV JAPAN

How to watch TV JAPAN in the US and Canada

Q. I am not signed up with a TV service provider. How can I watch TV JAPAN?

A.TV JAPAN is available through affiliated CATV, IPTV, and DIRECTV satellite service (US only). First, search for the service provider in your area that offers TV JAPAN. Subscribe to the provider's basic services / programming packages and then add TV JAPAN.

Q. Can I subscribe to TV JAPAN without a service provider?

A. No. You cannot subscribe to TV JAPAN without basic service / programming package of a TV service provider.

Q. Can I watch TV JAPAN on my current service provider?

A. Check "Provider Search" to see if your service provider offers TV JAPAN. If TV JAPAN is available, please add TV JAPAN with the remote control or call your service provider directly.

Q. I live in an apartment / condominium / townhouse. Can I subscribe to TV JAPAN through DIRECTV?

A. As long as you can install the equipment and obtain acceptable TV JAPAN signal from DIRECTV satellite, you can subscribe to TV JAPAN. If you own a condominium or townhouse, Home Owners Association (HOA) may have certain restrictions. Please check with your HOA about these restrictions and obtain the antenna installation permission. You can download the form here.

Q. I live in a rented house. Do I need permission to install DIRECTV service?

A. If you rent your house or live in an apartment, it is your responsibility to obtain your landlord's permission to install a satellite antenna. The antenna installation permission form can be downloaded here.

Q. Can I watch TV JAPAN at a restaurant or office(commercial establishments) ?

A. Yes, you can. However, commercial establishments require different installation fees and subscription fees from regidential service. Please contact your service provider's commercial departement for details.

How to watch TV JAPAN Other than via a Service Provider

Q. Can I watch on the internet?

A. No. TV JAPAN is not available through internet streaming. The programs broadcasted by TV JAPAN are produced to broadcast them in Japan. The required copyright processing to broadcast them in North America for TV JAPAN are done, but not for Internet streaming.

Q. Can I watch on a smartphone or tablet?

A. TV JAPAN is not available through internet streaming. But if you subscribe to a TV service provider that offers TV JAPAN and also offers services for watching TV via your smartphone or tablet, then it is possible.

Q. Can I watch at a hotel?

A. TV JAPAN is available in hotels located in various areas throughout the US and Canada. You can find a hotel where you can watch on "Hotel Search".

Subscription Fees and Service Agreement

Subscription fees / invoices

Q. How much is the subscription fee for TV JAPAN?

A. TV JAPAN subscription fee is about $25 / month in the US and $17 / month in Canada and it varies depending on the service provider. To watch TV JAPAN, it is necessary to subscribe to a basic services / programming package. The basic services / programming packages vary depending on the service provider as well. For more details please contact your service provider.

Q. How much will it cost to subscribe to a basic service / programming package?

A. Although the cost of a basic service / channel package varies depending on the service provider, the average seems to be around $20 to $30. With adding TV JAPAN, the cost is around $50 in the US, and $42 dollars in Canada. For more details, please contact your service provider.

Q. Do I pay subscription fee directly to TV JAPAN?

A. No. Please pay the monthly subscription fee to your service provider as you will receive the invoice from them.

Q. Can I inquire about the invoice to TV JAPAN?

A. No. Since your service provider manages your subscription invoice, please contact them directly. TV JAPAN has no information related to your account.

Service Agreement

Q. Do I have the service agreemtent with TV JAPAN?

A. No. The service agreement is made between the customer and the service provider. The subscription fee is charged by the service provider. As service agreement terms vary depending on the service provider, please contact your provider directly with any questions. If you are using multiple service providers, you will be billed separately by each company.

Q. Can I temporarily suspend the service because of traveling or moving.

A. It is possible to suspend your TV JAPAN subscription. Please contact your provider directly.

Q. Can I continue watching TV JAPAN at my next residence / destination?

A. Please check whether TV JAPAN is available in your next residential area by checking "Provider Service" on the website. After moving, please contact the service provider to subscribe. To cancel your subscription at your current residence, contact your service provider directly.

Q. What is the procedure for canceling TV JAPAN?

A. Please call your service provider. Make sure to check that there are no remaining balances in your account before cancelling. If you are leasing your equipment, you will need to return all receivers and equipment. For details, please contact your service provider directly.
* If you are registered to receive the program guide or E-mail magazine, please go to "Edit my info" page to cancel your subscription if you are TV JAPAN members. You can also use the inquiry form or contact our customer service to cancel your subscription.

Broadcasting and Programming

Programming content and broadcasting services

Q. What kind of programs do you broadcast?

A. We broadcast a wide variety of programs, from NHK news live from Japan, to the latest drama and movies, documentaries, variety, music, lifestyle, hobby / culture, animation and children's programs. With programs primarily coming from NHK, we also deliver select programming from other broadcasters such as TBS, TV Asahi, TV Tokyo, Nippon Television, Fuji TV, and WOWOW. NHK programs are selected at NHK Tokyo, Japan from General TV , Educational TV, BS1, BS Premium which can be broadcasted overseas, and sent to TV JAPAN.

Q. Can I watch in High Definition?

A. TV JAPAN is available in HD through DIRECTV (all area) and some Cable/IPTV companies. To find out HD channel availability in your area, please check "Provider Search." HD channel number is listed if available. We are also negotiating with other providers to expand our HD availability. We will notify with updates on our website, email magazine, spots etc.

Q. Can I watch programs with English subtitles or in English Audio?

A. Grand Sumo Tournaments and some of news are bilingual. To change the language setting, please use your remote control provided by your service provider. English subtitles are available on historical drama, some movies and some anime. Those programs are marked after the title: BI =Japanese/English, EN=English only, w/E Sub on our Program Schedule.

Q. Can I watch the Olympic Games?

A. The Olympic Games cannot be seen on TV JAPAN as broadcast rights are governed by the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and controlled through strict arrangements with broadcasting companies in various regions of the world. During the Olympic Games, News programs will be aired with still pictures covering Olympic related parts due to broadcast rights and restrictions.

Program Schedule

Q. Why are scheduled programs canceled or changed?

A. This is because there are cases which the production of an NHK program and its related copyright processing for overseas broadcasting are not complete at the time of the TV JAPAN Monthly Program Guide production. After shipment of the guide, overseas broadcast permissions may not be approved, or the NHK production schedule may change. Then, we may have to cancel or change the program.
Regarding any changes of a program, we will inform you as soon as possible on our website, email magazine, spots, etc.
Also, in the event that scheduled programs from Japan suddenly change due to an emergency report (such as big incident, accident, or natural disaster), our scheduled programs will also be changed accordingly.

Q. Why are there images that can't be watched due to broadcasting rights?

A. News and programs sent from NHK may include images that can not be watched overseas, due to copyright restrictions and broadcasting rights. In such cases, we will cover the part of the picture with still picture ("Futa kabuse"). In particular, with live news broadcasts that cannot be edited in advance, "Futa Kabuse" is applyed at NHK Tokyo, Japan. Especially in regard to international sports games and popular sports competition videos, usage conditions and restrictions are incredibly strict, and only competition groups and associations have the right to grant broadcasting permissions. There are detailed arrangements such as when, where, and the number of times something can be broadcast; NHK is only allowed to broadcast in Japan, and broadcasting overseas is not permitted. For that reason, images that NHK does not have the right to broadcast overseas are always covered.

Q. Why is a program being broadcast later here than in Japan?

A. It is because it is necessary for each TV station in Japan to manage copyright issues for broadcasting overseas, and then send its programs to TV JAPAN. This process is carried out relatively quickly at NHK because of the high number of programs being produced with overseas broadcasting. Other stations takes more time to finish this process.

Q. Why are there repeats?

A.TV JAPAN is broadcast in the United States and Hawaii, as well as parts of Canada. There are five time zones in North America: eastern, central, mountains, and western and Hawaii. The time difference between Eastern and Hawaii is 6 hours in summer time and 5 hours in winter time, and also prime time is different according to the time zone. Since TV JAPAN covers all five time zones on one channel, repeats are ways to make it easier for subscribers to watch programs at any time zone.

Q. Where can I contact if I have questions about a particular program?

A. Please call customer service or use Inquiry form. Customer service will reply when they find an answer to your inquiry.

Q. Where can I contact if I have commnets and requests regarding programs and scheduling?

A. Please use inquiry form or call customer service directly. We will forward your questions and requests to the broadcasting department; your comment will be considered as a reference for editing future programs and scheduling. We welcome your opinions and comments, which will be very helpful for us to imporove our subscribers' satisfaction.

How to get Program DVDs /Text book

Q. Can I get a DVD copy of a program?

A. TV JAPAN does not offer services that involve the recording and selling of programs. DVDs of some programs may be found at Japanese bookstores throughout North America.

Q. Where can I get text book of programs such as "Kyou no Ryori"? (Today's Menu)

A. Text book of some NHK programs including "Kyou no Ryori" can be purchased at Japanese bookstores in North America. Also, some programs offer digital text versions - for details, please visit the NHK Publishing website (available only in Japanese).

TV JAPAN Members

About Members in General

Q. What is "TV Japan Members"?

A. TV JAPAN Members can enjoy various services to enjoy TV JAPAN more. Members are able to quickly obtain information on TV JAPAN's programs and services (such as the email magazine), and information to apply for sweepstakes of program related goods and various gifts offered by TV JAPAN. For details, please visit the "TV JAPAN Members" page.

Q. I can not log in to TV JAPAN Members

A. Have you registered TV JAPAN Members? If not, please register here. If you are already registered, please check whether there is a mistake with the email address you used to register, or whether there is a mistake with your password.

Q. I forgot my password

A. If you forgot your password, please click on "Forgot your password?" on the login screen and enter the e-mail address you used to register. We will send you a URL with instructions on how to reset your password.

Program Guide

Q. How can I check Program information & schedule?

A. Please check the website for the latest update on program information and scheduling. A Digital Program Guide is available on this website. On-air spots will broadcast upcoming weekly & monthly featured programs. QR codes appearing on-screen will provide easy access to program schedule online from your smart device.

Q. Will you continue to offer a Program Guide?Can I receive a Program Guide by mail?

A. A Digital Program Guide is available on the website. Program Guide mailing service is discontinued after the September 2021 issue.

Q. What content can I see on the Digital Program Guide?

A.Monthly program schedule, highlight programs, campaign information, advertisement, articles from NHK weekly magazine, Stella, and others.

Q. Is the Digital Program Guide printable?

A. Yes, you can select which pages to print. To print all pages, please download all pages first..

Q. Can I receive a printed version of the Digital Program Guide, since I do not have a printer?

A. Mailing service is no longer provided. Please use your local printing service such as Fedex, Staples, others.

Q. When is the Digital Program Guide available each month?

A. The Digital Program Guide for the following month will be available around the 25th of each month.

Q. Will the Digital Program Guide be updated?

A. No, the Digital Program Guide will not be updated. Please check the website for the latest updates on program information and scheduling.

Q. Is the Digital Program Guide available in English?

A. The Digital Program Guide is available in Japanese. English program titles are provided right next to, or below the Japanese titles. An English version of the program schedule is available on English page below.

E-mail Magazine (available only in Japananse)

Q. What is the Email Magazine? How do I sign up for it?

A. TV JAPAN's Email Magazine is available only in Japanse, which announce the latest program highlights, program changes, service information including campaign and more to enjoy TV JAPAN. If you wish to receive it, please register for TV JAPAN Members.

Q. How can I change my email address?

A. If you are TV JAPAN Members, log into My Page and change your email address. If not, please contact us by using the Inquiry Form.

Q. I want to cancel subscription of the Email Magazine

A. Please use the "Cancel Subscription" link at the bottom of the TV JAPAN Email Magazine or contact us by using the "Inquiry Form".

Q. Why haven't I received the email magazine although I subscribe it.

A. It might be got in the Junk Email. If not, contact us by using the "Inquiry Form".

How to apply Gift raffle offered by TV JAPAN

Q. How can I apply for sweepstakes?

A. Sign up for TV JAPAN Members. If you are TV JAPAN Members, log in and apply. You can check if there is any sweepstakes on My Page.

Q. How do I know the winner?

A. The announcement of winners is made either by email or telephone call.

Changing Member Information (Addresses etc.)

Q. How can I change member information such as my email address or mailing address?

A. Log in to My Page, and then go to "CManage / Change Member's Information" to make your changes.


Problems with Watching

Q. I'm having problems with picture and audio for TV JAPAN. What should I do?

A. Try to reset the receiver (turn off the receiver, disconnect it from the electrical outlet and wait for about 1 minutes). If you still can't restore the audio or picgure, please contact your service provider. If the problem is caused by TV JAPAN, we will notify you via the web site. Also, we will make on-air announcements regarding the failure once picture/ audio has been restored.

Q. When I turn on TV JAPAN, all I can see is a commercial for my service provider. What should I do?

A. There is a possibility that your service provider is conducting an inspection of the channel. Please contact your service provider.

Q. The screen is black, and no message appears / the image is frozen / the image is highly pixelated (mosaic), the image is frequently interrupted. What should I do?

A. Try to reset the receiver (turn off the receiver, disconnect it from the power outlet and wait for about 1 minutes). If you still can't restore the audio or video, please contact your service provider.

Problems with Audio

Q. There is no sound. What should I do?

A. Please check the Mute button on the remote control to see whether it has been turned ON. Please check the volume of the TV and receiver. Please try to reset the receiver. If audio cannot be restored, please contact your service provider.

Q. How can I watch a bilingual program in English (Japanese)?

A. "In the menu (SAP etc.) of your cable / IPTV box, you can switch between the main audio (Japanese) and the secondary audio (English). Please change settings within this menu. Usually, Japanese (the main audio of TV JAPAN) is set as ""ENGLISH,"" and English is set as ""SPANISH"" or another foreign language. In addition, bilingual audio may not be available through your service provider. If the audio does not switch even after trying the above steps, please contact your service provider.

For DIRECTV (Default is in English)
How to change to Japanese audio
1. Press "Menu" on the remote
2. Select "Audio" in the Setting
3. Select “Language” in the Audio Settings, then select "Japanese"

For Spectrum

How to change to Japanese audio
1. Press "Menu" on the remote
2. Select "Audio/SAP" in the Setting
3. Press "SELECT" when you see "DIGITAL"
5. Press "EXIT" to go back

For Verizon FIOS "Quantum TV" service
Bilingual programs are set up in English. Because Japanese is set as secondary audio, please try the following steps.

1. Press "Menu" on the remote
2. Select "Settings"
3. Select "System"
4. Select "Language"
5. Select "Audio Language"
6. Select "Spanish Preferred" and then "Save"
7. Select "Audio Language" again, select "English Preferred", and then "Save".

Problems with Recording

Q. The On-Screen Guide does not match the Program Schedule

A. The On-Screen Guide (EPG) is updated by a EPG company on a monthly basis, based on the information (schedule) provided by TV JAPAN. There is a possibility that the latest updated information has not been downloaded to your receiver, so please try to reset the receiver. If the on-screen guide is still not reflecting the changes, please contact your service provider.

Q. I can not record from the On-Screen Guide. What should I do?

A. If you are having problems recording with the On-Screen Guide, you may still be able to record by using the manual timer setting to record time and duration of the program depending on your service provider and your receiver. In order to record this way, please review the manual of your receiver.