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Enjoy “The 73rd NHK Kohaku” Movies & Special Drama! Lots of Year-end Special Programs are coming!11/25(Fri)

Don’t miss “The 73rd Kohaku(NHK Red and White Year-end Song Festival)”. It will be aired twice on 12/31 on live and re-run. Movies in December are; Directed by Koki Mitani, Starring Kiichi Nakai, Political Comedy, “Hit Me Anyone  One More Time” and Starring Junichi Okada, Entertainment Action “THE FABLE: The Killer Who Doesn’t Kill w/English sub.” And enjoy Special Samurai Drama “Hissatsu 2022” and “Chushingura Rhapsody No. 5: Nakamura Nakazo” and “A Hikikomori Becomes a Teacher 2”. 

Lots of Year-end Special Programs will be aired! Those Special programs are highlighted Pink on Program schedule list.