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Enjoy “The 74th NHK Kohaku” Movies & Special Drama! Lots of Year-end Special Programs are coming!11/25(Sat)

Don’t miss “The 74th Kohaku(NHK Red and White Year-end Song Festival)”. It will be aired twice on 12/31 on live and re-run. Movies in December are; Starring Hiroshi Abe, Major Life change Entertainment, “Offbeat Cops ” and Based on Shogo Sato’s popular novel, mysterious Love story, “PHASES OF THE MOON w/English Sub.” Premium Drama “The Seisen-Shinpo-Kai Case” and Samurai Drama “Zennin Nagaya” start! Plus, Special Drama “Deaf Voice: A Sign-Language Interpreter in Court” starring Tsuyoshi Kusanagi will be aired.  Also, Popular Documentary “Family History” is scheduled to air Masao Kusakari Encore and Special!

 Lots of Year-end Special Programs and Sports are coming!  Please check our website for the most updated schedule.