Corporate Information

Contributing to Communities by Providing the Latest Information About Japan and the World Through TV Broadcasting

NHK Cosmomedia America, Inc. (NHKCMA) is a media company that operates “TV JAPAN,” a 24/7 Japanese-language premium TV channel, and provides various services for Japanese and Japanese-American communities, mainly to our subscribers in USA & Canada, in order to make the lives of viewers in those areas safer, richer and more enjoyable.

TV JAPAN is also available in hotels across USA & Canada.

NHK Cosmomedia America, Inc. is also an internationally recognized full service video production company, provides high quality documentaries, HD programs, 3D HDTV productions and live event broadcast services.

Broadcast Facilities and Equipment

Becoming a Trusted Broadcast Station that Brings Peace of Mind

Our in-house studios broadcast programs 24 hours a day based on a well-designed control system, which ensures that our broadcasts reach our viewers without a hitch. Our staff will also flexibly respond to breaking news and sudden program changes, should they occur, so that disruptions are prevented. Our studios are also the place where original programs are produced to enhance our ties with viewers.



Control Room

Our broadcast studios use state-of-the-art digital video systems to provide high quality broadcasts using digital video signals called SDI. Experienced studio staffs work in the studios in shifts 24 hours a day, where the automated control systems for broadcasting transmission and video recording and the video servers are used to combine various programming content according to the day’s broadcast schedule, to which commercial advertisements are inserted and the finished programs are transmitted in units of seconds. Equipped with uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and in-house generators, our broadcast studios are designed to operate normally for up to 37 hours in the event of an emergency or a blackout. Adding to these digital facilities, we are preparing equipments for HD service.

Editing Equipment

We can edit videos online with cutting-edge, computer-based non-linear editing systems.


Newly-built our broadcast studio is used to shoot “TV JAPAN CLUB”, a local information program that airs every Friday.


Supporting Japanese and Japanese-American Communities

Participating in and Sponsoring Community Events

We actively participate in and sponsor local festivals, charities, U.S. concerts by Japanese artists, lectures and other events, cover them in our own programs, and utilize various media to deepen ties with the local communities of which we are a part.

Supporting Japanese Children Living in USA & Canada with Japanese Language Education

We provide private Japanese supplementary schools with receiving equipment free of charge and take other measures to better utilize the Japanese-language broadcasts of TV JAPAN in their classrooms.

Collaborating with Universities and Research Organizations

We provide our services at universities and research institutions to help promote the Japanese language, Japanese society and culture, and to deepen mutual understanding and encourage cultural interchange between Japan and USA.

JAA Scholarship

Every year TV JAPAN provides a scholarship called “TV JAPAN Award” on behalf of the Japanese American Association of NYC. This scholarship is available to Japanese students and students of Japanese descent who are residents of New York, New Jersey or Connecticut and are attending a university in the USA after graduating from a high school.

New York Headquarters

NHK Cosmomedia America Inc.
100 Broadway 15th Floor, New York NY 10005