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©2019 “The Promised Land” Film Partners
A little girl is kidnapped along a Y-shaped road, but the kidnapper is not caught. Tsumugi (Hana Sugisaki), who was with the girl right before the kidnapping, is deeply hurt from the event. 12 years later, a girl goes missing along the same place. Takeshi (Gou Ayano) is a lonely young man and sells recyclable products with his mother. He is a suspect in the recent kidnapping case. He panics when he realizes he is a suspect and runs away to another city. 1 year later, Zenjiro (Koichi Sato) lives with his pet dog near the place where the two kidnapping cases took place. He carries out business to revitalize the village, but somehow he is blamed by the people there. He falls into madness and that leads to a horrific case.

©1949 松竹株式会社
11/ 26 (Thu) 2:00AM(ET) /11:00PM(PT)
In the film, Hibari Misora plays a young war orphan, Tanaka, Mitsuko, searching for her older brother Kenzo¯(Hara, Yasumi), a repatriated soldier.

©1950 松竹株式会社
11/ 26 (Thu) 3:24AM(ET) /12:24AM(PT)
Hibari Misora's performance in Tokyo Kid , in which she played a run away girl, made her symbolic of both the hardship and the national optimism of post-World War II Japan.

©Oh Lucy!, LLC
11/ 27 (Fri) 11:15PM(ET) /8:15PM(PT)
Setsuko Kawashima (Shinobu Terajima) works an unfulfilling job at a Tokyo office. She stores candy given to her by a coworker in her desk and lives in a tiny, unkempt apartment. One day, her niece Mika Ogawa (Shiori Kutsuna) tells her to take an English class. The class is given at a karaoke like establishment and her English teacher is John. John likes to hug and gives Setsuko an enthusiastic welcome. Setsuko then takes up the name Lucy for her English class. Soon, Setsuko travels to America in search of John, her niece and for meaning in her life.

11/ 28 (Sat) 3:00AM(ET) /12:00AM(PT)
Hibari Misora and Chiemi Eri performed as Yaji and Kita, who travel through Tokaido. Enjoy Samurai Musical with lots of their songs and dance.