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©2019 映画「雪の華」製作委員会
1/ 24 (Sun) 2:50PM(ET) /11:50AM(PT)
Miyuki Hirai (Ayami Nakajo) is physically weak and she has been like that since she was a child. She then receives the diagnosis that she only has a little time left to live. Miyuki still dreams of going to Finland to see the Northern Lights. One day, Miyuki is the victim of a theft. She can't make a sound and drops down to the floor. At that time, Yusuke Watabiki (Hiroomi Tosaka) appears in front of her. Yusuke is honest and a blunt young man who aims to become a glass craftsman.

©Yumi Matsuo/Futabasha ©2019 “Until I Meet September’s Love” Film Partners
Shiori Kitamura (Haruna Kawaguchi) just moved to a new apartment. She works at a company. Susumu Hirano (Issey Takahashi) lives next door to her. He aspires to become a novelist. One evening, Shiori hears a man’s voice coming through her wall saying "I am in the future 1 year later." The voices asks to trail Susumu. She is unable to hear the man's voice anymore. To solve the mystery, Shiori begins to follow Susumu and she gets attracted to him.