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2/ 15 (Fri) 3:10AM(ET) /12:10AM(PT)
Satoru Fujinuma (Tatsuya Fujiwara) has the special ability of "revival." His special power allows him to travel back in time before terrible incidents occur and right whichever wrong occurred. He travels back in time continually until the incidents are stopped.Satoru goes back 18 years ago to find out the person who killed his mother. Satoru is sure that his mother’s death is related with a serial murder case that involved victims being children and occurring 18 years ago.

Hisashi (Takeru Satoh) and Mai (Tao Tsuchiya) are set to have their wedding ceremony in 3 months, but Mai falls ill and lapses into a coma. Hisashi does not give up on his fiance and prays for her recovery. Finally, Mai wakes up, but she doesn't have any memory of Hisashi.

© 2017 映画「追憶」製作委員会 
2/ 23 (Sat) 9:00PM(ET) /6:00PM(PT)
Atsushi Shikata (Junichi Okada), Keita Tadokoro (Shun Oguri) and Satoshi Kawabata (Tasuku Emoto) spent their childhood days as friends. As adults, they meet again due to a murder case. Atsushi works as a detective, Keita is a suspect and Satoshi is a victim. They come face to face with the truth of the murder case and their detested past sealed within their minds.