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"The headquarters of the Imperial Japanese Navy is eyeing the possibility of starting a war with America and have plans to construct the world's largest battleship, the ""Yamato"". Rear Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku (Tachi Hiroshi) isopposed to the plan and lends his hand to brilliant mathematician Kai Tadashi(Suda Masaki), an uncommonly exceptional talent in the Imperial Universityreferred to as ""the return of Archimedes"", in his attempt to expose the military's plot."

© 2020「一度死んでみた」製作委員会
12/ 18 (Sat) 8:00PM(ET) /5:00PM(PT)
Nanase Nobata (Suzu Hirose) is in the 4th grade at a university. She lives with her father Kei (Shinichi Tsutsumi). Her father is the CEO of a pharmaceutical company. Nanase's relationship with her father is not very good. One day, Kei drinks a drug which is supposed to make him die and come back to life 2 days later. He did this because he wants to figure out who is trying to steal from his company, but something goes wrong. Kei appears again as a ghost. Nanase tries to restore his life with help of Taku Matsuoka (Ryo Yoshizawa) who works at Kei's pharmaceutical company.

©2019 “THE FABLE” Film Partners
12/ 19 (Sun) 2:55PM(ET) /11:55AM(PT)
Based on manga series "The Fable" by Katsuhisa Minami.A boy was trained as a killer. He is now an elite contract killer and has the nickname of Fable(Junichi Okada). One day, he gets 1 year off from his job as a contract killer. He begins to live in Osaka as an ordinary person with the name of Akira Sato...