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©2022 "Dreaming of the Meridian Arc" Film Partners
In the present day, the local government of Katori City is in the process of sponsoring a taiga drama about its famous historical figure Tadataka Ino, who is known for being the first person to make a map of Japan. During the process of of making the drama series, a surprising fact is discovered about the map. In the Edo period, Tadataka Ino dies while surrounded by his pupils. He dies without seeing the completion of the first Japanese map. At that time, one of his pupils states that he is still alive for a while. His pupils then carry out a secret operation to complete the first Japanese map.

©2012湊かなえ/新潮社 ©2022映画「母性」製作委員会
3/ 9 (Sat) 3:00PM(ET) /12:00PM(PT)
A high school student, Sayaka (Mei Nagano) kills herself, but the reason why she killed herself is unknown. Sayaka appeared to have a normal life with her family, including her mother Rumiko (Erika Toda). Rumiko seemed to raise Sayaka with love and care. In reality, Rumiko is a mother who is unable to give love to her daughter and Sayaka is a daughter who wants to receive love from her mother.When mother and daughter think of the same incidents that took place in the past, they tell different stories.

©2021 映画「護られなかった者たちへ」製作委員会
3/ 9 (Sat) 8:40PM(ET) /5:40PM(PT)
Nine years after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake, two murder cases take place in Miyagi Prefecture. The two victims are assumed to have been murdered by the same person. Both of the victims were tied all over their body and starved to death. Yasuhisa Tone(Takeru Sato) emerges as a suspect in the murders, who was just recently released from prison. Detective Seiichiro Tomashino(Hiroshi Abe) discovers a common link between the two victims and chases after Yasuhisa.

©2023 映画「春に散る」製作委員会
3/ 16 (Sat) 8:45PM(ET) /5:45PM(PT)
Jinichi Hirooka (Koichi Sato) is a former boxer, who lost a match by an unfair decision and then moved to the US. After 40 years, he returns to Japan and happens to meet Shogo Kuroki (Ryusei Yokohama) in a bar. Shogo is a boxer, who is going through a hard time, because he also lost a mach due to an unfair decision. Soon, Shogo gets knocked down by Jinichi for the first time in his life. He then begs Jinichi to coach him in boxing...