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©2017 "TO EACH HIS OWN" Film Partners
5/ 25 (Sat) 2:30PM(ET) /11:30AM(PT)
Takashi Aoyama (Asuka Kudo) has way to much work to do and pushes himself mentally too hard. He blacks out and collapses at a railroad station. When he is about to be hit by a train, he is saved by Yamamoto (Sota Fukushi) who speaks with an Osaka dialect. After his encounter with Yamamoto, Takashi recovers his bright personality and gets better results at work. One day, Takashi sees Yamamoto boarding a bus to the cemetery with a serious expression.

©2016 映画「64」製作委員会
5/ 31 (Fri) 3:00AM(ET) /12:00AM(PT)
In 1989, a girl was kidnapped and killed. That case is referred to as Rokuyon and has not been solved for 14 years. The statute of limitations for the case is soon to expire. In 2002, Yoshinobu Mikami (Koichi Sato) is the detective in charge of the Rokuyon case, but he is transferred to the public relations office at the police administration department. At that time, a kidnapping case, similar to the Rokuyon case, takes place. The rift between the criminal investigation department and police administration department deepens. Mikami challenges the case as a public relations secretary.

©Film Movement 2018
6/ 1 (Sat) 8:00PM(ET) /5:00PM(PT)
Shigemori (Masaharu Fukuyama) is an elite lawyer. He is compelled to defend Mikuma’s (Koji Yakusho) murder case. Mikuma has a criminal record from a murder that took place 30 years ago. Mikuma also confesses to the murder charge and he faces the death sentence, but Shigemori begins to have doubts about Mikuma's guilt.