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©2020 "We Make Antiques! Kyoto Rendezvous" Film Partners
Set in Kyoto and Sakai, Norio Koike (Kiichi Nakai) and Sasuke Noda (Kuranosuke Sasaki) meet again and team up for tea ceremony master Shigenari Furuta's chaki (containers used in tea ceremony). They get involved with mysterious woman Shino (Ryoko Hirosue).

12/ 17 (Sat) 8:45PM(ET) /5:45PM(PT)
Keisuke Kuroda (Kiichi Nakai) wakes up in a hospital bed and he is unable to remember who he is. then he realizes he is the prime minister of Japan, but his approval rating is the lowest in history.The only people aware that Keisuke Kuroda lost his memory are his three secretaries, one of them is Isaka (Dean Fujioka). Keisuke hides his memory loss from everyone else including his wife Satoko (Yuriko Ishida). He thinks about making changes to the country.

12/ 25 (Sun) 2:00PM(ET) /11:00AM(PT)
Kingo Shimura (Kiichi Nakai) serves his lord Naosuke Ii (Kichiemon Nakamura), but Naosuke Ii is killed by ronins from the Mito Domain. He is not allowed to kill himself and receives a secret order to exact revenge. Kingo Shimura travels for 13 years to find the last enemy. That person is a samurai named Jyubei Sahashi (Hiroshi Abe).

©2021 "THE FABLE : The Killer Who Doesn't Kill" Film Partners
Akira (Junichi Okada) is the legendary killer known as The Fable. Following the order of his boss, he lives peacefully with his partner Yoko (Fumino Kimura) as ordinary siblings. Akira still works at design company Octopus with CEO Takoda (Jiro Sato) and employee Misaki (Mizuki Yamamoto), they are unaware of Akira's background as an assassin. Meanwhile, Utsubo (Shinichi Tsutsumi) is a representative for an NPO. But, he works with contract killer Suzuki (Masanobu Ando) to set people up for extortion purposes. They target someone at design company Octopus.