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3/ 31 (Fri) 10:00PM(ET) /7:00PM(PT)
Set in a rural village in southern japan in the late 1950s, the film tells the story of "gabai“ (or "super“) Granny and her grandson Akihiro, who ends up living with her for eight years. Granny is full of power and an expert at Yamamoto Taro, Suzuki Yôma, positive thinking. Through her, Akihiro learns to find the bright side of their poor postwar life and especially to never give up.

Asami Inaba (Keiko Kitagawa) is a temporary worker at a company. One day, her boyfriend leaves his smartphone in a taxi. Since then, mysterious things take place around her like her credit card bill having charges she did not place. She gets involved in a big case.

©2019 “Confidence Man JP” Film Partners
The theme is “money” and “desire.” Professional scammers Dako played by Masami Nagasawa, Boku-chan played by Masahiro Higashide and Richard played by Fumiyo Kohinata devise outrageous scams in the glamorous worlds of tourism, real estate, medicine and sports to swindle fortunes from their greedy victims.

©2020 映画『糸』製作委員会
Ren Takahashi (Masaki Suda) and Aoi Sonoda (Nana Komatsu) were both born in 1989. They met for the first time at the age of 13 and became each other's first love, but they separated. At the age of 21, they met again. They were unable to undo their past. Now, they are 31-years-old.

A love story spanning 5 years between a man (Masaki Suda ) and a woman (Kasumi Arimura). A 22-year-old man and a 22-year-old woman both miss the last train at Meidaimae Station in Tokyo and meet there. Their relationship develops romantically.

©2020 映画「罪の声」製作委員会
4/ 30 (Sun) 2:35PM(ET) /11:35AM(PT)
Eiji Akutsu (Shun Oguri) is a newspaper reporter. He is working on unsolved case that took place 30 years ago.The case involved a group of people extorting several companies for money. The group sent cassette tapes to the companies. Eiji comes across a mysterious cassette tape. Meanwhile, Toshiya Sone (Gen Hoshino) lives in Kyoto and runs a tailor shop. He discovers a cassette tape among his late father's possessions. He plays the cassette tape and hears his voice from his childhood days.


©石森プロ ©2022 WOWOW INC.
3/28 Tue.10:00PM(ET) /7:00PM(PT)Start
Set in the present era of intensified hotel competition and depicts the decline and crisis of Hotel Platon. Adapted from the manga "HOTEL" by Ishinomori Shotaro

3/ 28 (Tue) 11:15PM(ET) /8:15PM(PT)
A reporter Oka Erika (Okaeri) offers ‘trip service’, in which she travels around Japan on behalf of clients. Enjoy stories with beautiful scenery and local specialties that Okaeri encounters at the destinations.

3/30 Thu.8:00PM(ET) /5:00PM(PT)Start
The story revolves around Unokichi, a grandchild of a wealthy merchant in Edo. Although he is super rich, he begins to serve as Doshin – samurai constable in the Edo period. While he lacks essential skills for constable, his detached attitude and cultured minds contribute to a resolution of mysteries.

The 46th Creative TV Drama Award-winning Drama "The Night of Lunar Eclipse"
3/ 31 (Fri) 8:50PM(ET) /5:50PM(PT)

3/ 31 (Fri) 9:45PM(ET) /6:45PM(PT)
NHK's 107th drama serial is a story about Mai, a shy heroine who admires the sky and becoming a pilot. Struggling to achieve her dream of flying, she builds bonds with various people in Higashi Osaka, a manufacturing town, and Goto Islands in Nagasaki, rich in nature. Eventually she finds the dream for the sky in a new way.

4/2 Sun.2:00PM(ET) /11:00AM(PT)Start
he Special Mission Task Team is not considered as important as it might sound. It's positioned in the lowest section of the Metropolitan Police Department and headed by Ukyo Sugishita (Yutaka Mizutani). Together with his partner, Kaoru Kameyama (Yasufumi Terawaki), this team is Japan’s version of The Odd Couple, solving clueless cases in original and outrageous ways.

4/ 2 (Sun) 8:00PM(ET) /5:00PM(PT)
The young Ieyasu thought he would end his life as a hostage of the Imagawa clan, driven by the enthusiasm of Mikawa samurai, plunge into a turbulent time ruled by monsters such as Oda Nobunaga and Takeda Shingen. What awaits him is a dead or alive crisis! Many miscalculations! Limits of patience! What would you do, Ieyasu!?

4/2 Sun.9:45PM(ET) /6:45PM(PT)Start
The 108th drama serial is an original story based on the life of a botanist from Kochi prefecture. Makino Mantaro (Kamiki Ryunosuke) is a botanist devotes himself passionately to his beloved plants, and his wife, Sueko (Hamabe Minami). Set in the turbulent period between Meiji and Showa era, it depicts the couple’s vibrant life filled with joy and discovery with beautiful flower and plant scenes.

4/3 Mon.2:35PM(ET) /11:35AM(PT)Start
High school student Aki (Non) tries to become a female diver in her mother's (Kyoko Koizumi) rural hometown, located in Iwate Prefecture. Aki is influenced by her grandmother Natsu (Nobuko Miyamoto).

4/3 Mon.11:50PM(ET) /8:50PM(PT)Start

4/ 4 (Tue) 8:55PM(ET) /5:55PM(PT)


4/ 7 (Fri) 9:45PM(ET) /6:45PM(PT)
The 108th drama serial is an original story based on the life of a botanist from Kochi prefecture. Makino Mantaro (Kamiki Ryunosuke) is a botanist devotes himself passionately to his beloved plants, and his wife, Sueko (Hamabe Minami). Set in the turbulent period between Meiji and Showa era, it depicts the couple’s vibrant life filled with joy and discovery with beautiful flower and plant scenes.

4/ 7 (Fri) 10:00PM(ET) /7:00PM(PT)

After 100-year anniversary, Dougami General Hospital has been very peaceful, but one day, Director Moriyama's (Masanobu Takashima) found an article about AI Surgery in magazine, and he wants the system in the hospital and learn AI technique by himself. He could get a loan from the bank, but if there's any problem with Moriyama, Kosuke Sagara (Ikki Sawamura) will be a Directer...

©Keiko Suenobu/KODANSHA ©2023 WOWOW INC.
4/8 Sat.11:15PM(ET) /8:15PM(PT)Start
Itsuki Kurasawa (Miki Nakatani) was once an elementary school teacher, but she now works as a detective. When Itsuki was a teacher, her daughter was brutally murdered by her 12-year-old student Ruoto. The horrific case shocked the entire nation at that time. Afterwards, Itsuki decided to become a detective to save people in desperate situations like she was in.

©1963 (一社)山崎豊子著作権管理法人/新潮社 Ⓒ テレビ朝日
4/ 9 (Sun) 3:00PM(ET) /12:00PM(PT)
A generations old family business is sent into turmoil when the sudden death of the head of the family opens the door to a fierce struggle between his three powerful and privileged daughters and the young mistress of modest means pregnant with his child.Part2 5/14(Sat) 8:20PM(ET) /5:20PM(PT)

4/ 10 (Mon) 10:00PM(ET) /7:00PM(PT)
Kikuo (Takitoh Kenichi) 's wife, Minako (Ono Machiko), went to Narita in her beloved car ‘Grace’, and was killed in a bus accident in the south of France. The car navigation system of “Grace”, which was left behind as a memento of her death, records her trips to various places in Japan without Kikuo’s knowledge. Suspecting his wife's infidelity, Kikuo sets off on a journey to trace the car navigation history in order to solve the mystery.

©Hiroki Nagaoka/Shogakukan ©Fuji Television Network, Inc.
4/12 Wed.10:00PM(ET) /7:00PM(PT)Start
Kimichika Kazama (Takuya Kimura) works as a detective instructor. Through a system called "Kazama Dojo," a rookie detective is paired with Kimichika Kazama and they investigate an actual murder case together. The rookie detective learns techniques used by Kimichika Kazama , while they work on the murder case.

4/18 Tue.10:00PM(ET) /7:00PM(PT)Start

4/21 Fri.10:00PM(ET) /7:00PM(PT)Start
Yamihara Kokoro and Asada Toramatsu live in a town that is quite peaceful, until a serial murder case happened where the bodies all had their blood drained out. 5 years have passed but the case remains unsolved. Meanwhile, Kokoro and Toramatsu have been in a relationship for a year, but are unable to get married as they are keeping a serious secret from each other...

4/27 Thu.10:00PM(ET) /7:00PM(PT)Start
Minami Hiromi is an FBI agent visiting Japan from the US for a limited time. Minami lost his sight due to an accident in the past and he is called the "last man" in the FBI, referring him as the last trump card to end a case with his strong sense of analysis, smell, and touch. Godo Shintaro has been assigned to attend to Minami. They become a duo and work together to solve cases.

4/ 28 (Fri) 2:05AM(ET) /11:05PM(PT)
At the Metropolitan Police Department First Investigation Scientific Criminal Unit lead investigator Satoshi Itomura (Takaya Kamikawa) leaves no stones unturned at crime scenes to apprehend the perpetrators. Rookie investigator Miyuki Oda (Shihori Kanjiya) doesn't seem cut out to be a detective, but possesses a keen sense to gather information from crime scenes. Miyuki learns from Satoshi the ins and outs of detective work as they tackle difficult cases.


Bouquets in UK
3/ 30 (Thu) 8:50PM(ET) /5:50PM(PT)
Let's embark on a journey of discovery with top buyers! From fashion to gourmet and interior, finest items selected by professional connoisseurs will be introduced along with behind-the-scenes stories.

A live talk show hosted by Sada Masashi, a veteran singer-songwriter who is also a popular radio personality.

4/ 2 (Sun) 11:50PM(ET) /8:50PM(PT)
Hosted by Inagaki Goro, this experimental variety show focuses on "unavoidable" issues that every one of us in the world faces. Producers of the show report various topics from their point of view, and their reports are also uploaded on the SNS.

Aimyon Part 1
4/ 3 (Mon) 8:00PM(ET) /5:00PM(PT)

4/3 Mon.11:20PM(ET) /8:20PM(PT)Start
The light and easy talk show hosted by comedy duo Asagaya Shimai. Residents with different nationalities, ages, and genders of the 'Asagaya House', a fictional residence, talk about the current and familiar topics and may update your thinking.

4/5 Wed.8:055PM(ET) /5:55PM(PT)Start
What is being done behind white sheets surrounding the sites of disassembly works of buildings? Two talents, a heavy machinery license holder Joshima Shigeru, and Inoo Kei who the graduand of the Department of Architecture, as reporters, this show introduces the powerful and delicate techniques of disassembly works in Japan!

4/7Fri.12:00AM(ET) /9:00PM(PT)Start
NHK unseals and provides treasured video archives back to back.  They are unique but full of “natural” human life scene pictures.  Enjoy the heritage video clips with laughter and tears!

4/ 11 (Tue) 12:05AM(ET) /9:05PM(PT)
Various cultural aspects of Japan are being accepted as cool by foreigners. "COOL JAPAN" is a show that excavates cool aspects of Japanese culture and attempts to explore their charm and secrets by making full use of the perception of foreigners.

4/11Tue.5:30PM(ET) /2:30PM(PT)Start
Cockroaches, Carbon dioxide, Unwanted hair... Villains are anathema to the public as being "dirty, noxious, and ugly." But even villains have a point they want you to hear! In this program, we look at their amazing abilities revealed by the latest research, as well as the real villains, who are actually a little bit fascinating!

4/12 Wed.8:00PM(ET) /5:00PM(PT)Start
A program in which celebrities plan their only travel tours with family and friends in their beloved hometowns. Looking back at their roots, they share the warmth and charms of their hometowns, including gourmet and scenic spots not listed in guidebooks.

4/ 14 (Fri) 8:50PM(ET) /5:50PM(PT)

4/ 16 (Sun) 7:10PM(ET) /4:10PM(PT)

4/ 28 (Fri) 8:50PM(ET) /5:50PM(PT)
We asked scholars of uncommon fields to share the videos of the latest findings. Enjoy an entertainment show full of amazement!


3/28 Tue.10:50PM(ET) /7:50PM(PT)Start

©W.W (AS)/Y05F
Sakamichi Onoda successfully led Sohoku High to a championship win in his first year at the Inter-High School Championships. He has entered his second year together with Shunsuke Imaizumi and Shoukichi Naruko and is aiming for a back-to-back championship win together with Captain Junta Teshima and the rest of the team!


Children search for wonders worldwide and challenge themselves to communicate with foreigners in English through puppet shows, games, animation, and more. Have fun and learn English naturally with a witch, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu !

4/6 Thu.9:45AM(ET) /6:45AM(PT)Start

4/15 Sat.8:20AM(ET) /5:20AM(PT)Start

4/17 Mon.6:00PM(ET) /3:00PM(PT)Start


4/3Mon.7:45AM(ET) /4:45AM(PT)Start
Today's latest metropolitan area news and weather information program.


May the Cry of Ukraine be Heard
3/ 29 (Wed) 1:10AM(ET) /10:10PM(PT)
A self-documentary by Kateryna, a Ukrainian director at NHK who came to Japan longing for this country, but whose life drastically changed after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. While engaging in news report, she faces difficulty reporting her country’s current situation in Japan.

Collaboration with NHK Special Megadiverse Dinosaur World 2
4/ 1 (Sat) 6:45PM(ET) /3:45PM(PT)
The series explores the amazing stories of animals in Africa, the Americas and Asia, including Japan.

4/ 1 (Sat) 10:00PM(ET) /7:00PM(PT)
A documentary based on timely subjects famous for its dignity and in-depth reporting.

4/ 2 (Sun) 10:00PM(ET) /7:00PM(PT)

Aileen Mioko Smith, The 52 Years of MINAMATA
4/ 3 (Mon) 12:05AM(ET) /9:05PM(PT)
An authentic human documentary approaches people's wishes, challenges, and struggles as they try to open up new worlds in various fields. It depicts a realistic and emotionally moving way of life.

4/ 4 (Tue) 2:10AM(ET) /11:10PM(PT)

4/4 Tue.11:02PM(ET) /8:20PM(PT)Start
A countless number of cameras is set at a spot. The cameras observe people’s unconscious yet natural behaviors which could capture certain decisive moments.

4/ 5 (Wed) 8:00PM(ET) /5:00PM(PT)

4/ 7 (Fri) 11:15PM(ET) /8:15PM(PT)
This program reveals current social and business topics in Japan.

4/8 Sat.3:00PM(ET) /12:00PM(PT)Start

Yogendra 'Yogi' Puranik, a businessman from India who has lived in Japan for more than 20 years and served as a member of the district assembly, was selected as vice principal of a prestigious high school after passing a very competitive screening process. NHK follow him closely for a year to find out how he brought about a change in the school’s culture, which boasts of its traditions and academic achievements, and its students who are busy studying for entrance exams.


4/12 Wed.8:45PM(ET) /5:45PM(PT)Start
A video collection of heartwarming and rarely seen moments captured by zoo staff.

Pastille Competition Part1
4/ 13 (Thu) 10:00PM(ET) /7:00PM(PT)


4/ 14 (Fri) 11:15PM(ET) /8:15PM(PT)
The topics in Japanese economy that the news won’t cover are explored by Ryu Murakami, Eiko Koike and a variety of entrepreneurs. This is a talk show for mature audiences hosted by a novelist Ryu Murakami and an actress Eiko Koike. The personal stories and life philosophies told by these great entrepreneurs themselves are sure to give a new insight to life.

4/ 22 (Sat) 8:00PM(ET) /5:00PM(PT)


3/ 28 (Tue) 8:00PM(ET) /5:00PM(PT)


20 years anniversary Special
3/ 31 (Fri) 6:00PM(ET) /3:00PM(PT)
A scientific information program which explains the latest research, disasters and accidents from scientific aspects with a virtual set in the studio.

A new type of English lesson that improves your English conversational skills in only 10 minutes a day using selected essential phrases from a database of over 100 million sample conversations by native English speakers.

The program introduces Japanese Traditional Performing Arts at a polite yet good pace to those who find them hard to approach. Familiarize yourself with the finest Japanese performing arts through talks from a beginner point of view while explaining a theme in an easy-to-understand way each time.

4/14 Fri.5:30PM(ET) /2:30PM(PT)Start
This is a lecture program in which top runners in various fields as lecturers speak professionally and uniquely on themes that “must be shared now more than ever”. What is the "unshakable intellect" that they have arrived at by overcoming the anxieties and setbacks of their youth? Every month, we invite participants to join us for live online lectures.