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1/ 30 (Sun) 3:15PM(ET) /12:15PM(PT)
In one night, a case took place involving Koharu (Yuko Tanaka) and her 3 children: first son Hiroki (Ryohei Suzuki), second son Yuji (Takeru Satoh) and daughter Sonoko (Mayu Matsuoka). Afterwards, each member of the family lived separately. 15 years later, the family meets again. Second son Yuji works as a freelancer writer. First son Hiroki has a hard time communicating with other people. Daughter Sonoko dreamed of becoming a hairdresser, but she gave up on her dream after what happened 15 years ago and she now works a snack bar.


1/ 22 (Sat) 10:05PM(ET) /7:05PM(PT)
In Edo Period, Nagasaki prospered as a metropolitan city since it had Japan’s only port connecting with the West. A few years before the arrival of the black ships, many interpreters who used to translate Dutch were ordered to acquire English. A young man Sota comes to Nagasaki and starts studying English, to find his disappeared father who used to be an interpreter. His adventure as an interpreter begins with the new era approaching to Nagasaki.

AIBOU is now in its 20th year since it was broadcast for the first time!Two unique outlaw police investigators, Sakyo Sugishita(Yutaka Mizutani) and Wataru Kaburagi(Takashi Sorimachi)try to solve mysterious and clueless cases with their very original and outrageous ways.

1/ 23 (Sun) 8:00PM(ET) /5:00PM(PT)
Minamoto no Yoritomo rose an army in 1180 to destroy the Taira clan, and became Shogun of the newly established Kamakura shogunate. This is a historical drama depicting the story after the mysterious death of Yoritomo. 13 lords who supported Yoritomo in the battle compete for the next power. The story spotlights Hojo Yoshitoki, the youngest among the 13, who worked as the closest aide of Yoritomo during the battle.

1/ 23 (Sun) 11:15PM(ET) /8:15PM(PT)
Sakiko is a woman who has not experienced romantic feelings in her life. One day, a supermarket clerk Takahashi tells her that there are people who do not fall in love, and later she learns the word ‘aromantic asexual’ for the first time. This comedy drama is a story of Sakiko and Takahashi, who are both aromantic asexual, building their own relationship through communal life.

1/ 24 (Mon) 10:00PM(ET) /7:00PM(PT)

Fukaya retired from his long career as a high school teacher and begins his second life as a volunteer probation officer. One day, he gets to be in charge of a woman who served time for the murder of her child. She takes unexpected action upon dischargement, and her another child absolutely refuses to see her. This drama depicts how Fukaya supports people with their rehabilitation and the story gradually uncovers why he chose to be a probation officer.

1/ 26 (Wed) 8:00PM(ET) /5:00PM(PT)
A heartwarming family drama set in the Edo period. The story revolves around Onobu, wife of a poor Hatamoto (direct retainer of the Shogun) Kokichi, and her family.

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1/ 26 (Wed) 10:00PM(ET) /7:00PM(PT)
Totono Kuno (Masaki Suda) is a university student. He doesn't have any friends or a girlfriend. His memory and observation skills are very good and he is also skilled at making conclusions from a given set of facts. A murder case takes place in a park near Totono’s home. The victim is a university student that attended the same school and Totono becomes a suspect in the murder. During the interrogation, Totono becomes aware of hidden clues behind the student's murder…

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1/27 Thu.10:00PM(ET) /7:00PM(PT) Start
Chikara Nakagoshi (Jun Matsumoto) is married and has two children. His family lives together at a complex in Tokyo. He introduces himself as a novelist, but he is actually a ghost writer and writes essays for famous people. He is usually busy with his writing and doing house chores, but, when he sees people who need help, he can't ignore them. He approaches those people and asks them if they are doing okay and if they have a problem.


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The show has run successfully for more than 10 years in Japan! The concept of this show is that the celebrity MUST HAVE knowledge of a first class lifestyle. Can you recognize the difference between a $10,000 wine and a cheap wine? Contestants will be asked 6 questions. Only the people who recognize quality can show off their talent as a real celebrity!!!

The 13 Lords of the Shogun SP
1/ 23 (Sun) 12:15AM(ET) /9:15PM(PT)
Local stations of NHK get connected to each other and discover the true attractions of Japan such as food, history, people and sightseeing spots that only locals know about.

Part 10: Winning the First Title
1/ 23 (Sun) 4:40PM(ET) /1:40PM(PT)
Know more about Sumo, Japanese traditional sport! This program introduces this and that on Sumo such as secrets of techniques, unique manners, and interesting histories that let you enjoy watching the bouts more.

Sakana kun
1/ 24 (Mon) 8:00PM(ET) /5:00PM(PT)

body temperature
1/ 26 (Wed) 8:57PM(ET) /5:57PM(PT)

The 13 Lords of the Shogun SP
1/ 27 (Thu) 8:00PM(ET) /5:00PM(PT)

1/ 29 (Sat) 8:05PM(ET) /5:05PM(PT)

1/ 29 (Sat) 8:55PM(ET) /5:55PM(PT)

Masatoshi Nakamura
1/ 31 (Mon) 8:00PM(ET) /5:00PM(PT)


Street Chef in Poland
1/ 23 (Sun) 10:00PM(ET) /7:00PM(PT)

National Isolation
1/ 25 (Tue) 8:57PM(ET) /5:57PM(PT)
A historical documentary program starring an actor Sato Jiro as a boss of a history detective agency. Conducting on-site investigations and scientific simulations, Jiro and his detective team dig into and uncover the truth from historic mystery.

1/ 28 (Fri) 11:15PM(ET) /8:15PM(PT)
This program reveals current social and business topics in Japan.

1/ 29 (Sat) 7:15PM(ET) /4:15PM(PT)
Relationships between penguins in aquariums and zoos are highly complicated and interesting. This program introduces love stories of penguins in Sumida Aquarium, Tokyo, with videos and animations.

1/ 30 (Sun) 10:00PM(ET) /7:00PM(PT)


Kohaku SP
1/ 26 (Wed) 11:15PM(ET) /8:15PM(PT)