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1/ 20 (Mon) 10:15PM(ET) /7:15PM(PT)
Keito (Yuriko Yoshitaka) is a reporter for a weekly magazine. She watches out for the next big scoop. Keito is also rich and enjoys her work, as well as her love life. One day, Keito's mother suddenly dies. Anna was a single mother who raised Keito alone. She worked as a movie critic. Right before her death, Anna mentioned something about Keito's father. The name she mentioned is that of a Hollywood star.

1/21 Tue. 10:15PM (ET) / 7:15PM (PT)Start
Shin Tamura (Ryoma Takeuchi) and his mother have experienced difficult times due to Shin's father. His father was a police officer, but arrested for murder. One day, Shin's wife tells him to trust his father. This leads to Shin 's decision to visit his father in prison, but, suddenly, he is shrouded in mist and travels back in time to 1989, which was right before his father's murder case took place...

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1/ 22 (Wed) 10:15PM(ET) /7:15PM(PT)
Yoko Miyama (Yuki Amami) works as a doctor at Touto Hospital. She specializes in brain aneurysms in the neurosurgery department. She is a good doctor, aware of her responsibilities and importance of her work. She becomes involved with her colleagues, including Kengo Kuroiwa, Sachiko Kozukue, and Takuma Nishigoori. Meanwhile, she suffers from guilt for abandoning her family.


1/31 Fri. 8:00PM(ET) /5:00PM(PT) Start
Nana(Kaya Kiyohara) is a servant of the Kazahaya family, She is from a samurai family. Her father was about to reveal wrongdoings within the domain, but had to commit ritual suicide for a crime he hadn't done. Ichinoshin tries to correct the wrongdoings, but end up being a target himself. After finding out her father's enemy is the man behind it all, Nana decides to protect Ichinoshin and his children, as she had promised Sachi, Ichinoshin's late wife.

2/ 2 (Sun) 3:00PM(ET) /12:00PM(PT)
Sahara, Takako (Yonekura, Ryoko) is a lawyer who specialises in civil cases. Despite her competence, she is mocked as a rotten lawyer for defending companies that exploit its employees and winning many of these lawsuits. One day, Takako gets an unexpected request from a veteran lawyer Harayama, Masao (Tsugawa, Masahiko). He would like her to take over the defence of a woman because he is in poor health and needs to be hospitalised. This woman is Shirakawa, Kumako (Kuroki, Haru) who has been in the public eye. Called “Oni-kuma” by the public...


Masaya Kato
1/ 20 (Mon) 8:00PM(ET) /5:00PM(PT)
Veteran rakugo storyteller Shofukutei Tsurube travels across Japan with a personality, introducing families they meet along the way.

1/ 22 (Wed) 8:55PM(ET) /5:55PM(PT)
Useful information on health and everyday life is conveyed through various scientific demonstrations in an easy-to-understand way.

"Awaiting Kirin" Special
1/ 23 (Thu) 8:00PM(ET) /5:00PM(PT)
Japanese names have more than 1,000-year history and each of them has a surprising trivia. The program digs deep into the profound world of names and traces their origins.

Glasses in France
1/ 23 (Thu) 11:15PM(ET) /8:15PM(PT)
Let's embark on a journey of discovery with top buyers! From fashion to gourmet and interior, finest items selected by professional connoisseurs will be introduced along with behind-the-scenes stories.

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1/ 25 (Sat) 6:45PM(ET) /3:45PM(PT)
The show has run successfully for more than 10 years in Japan! The concept of this show is that the celebrity MUST HAVE knowledge of a first class lifestyle. Can you recognize the difference between a $10,000 wine and a cheap wine? Contestants will be asked 6 questions. Only the people who recognize quality can show off their talent as a real celebrity!!!

Shota Shunputei
1/ 27 (Mon) 8:00PM(ET) /5:00PM(PT)
The program unveils the family history of TV celebrities.

1/ 28 (Tue) 1:00AM(ET) /10:00PM(PT)

77 Guest: Masaru Fukuyama
1/ 29 (Wed) 8:00PM(ET) /5:00PM(PT)
Let's learn trivia of things we do unconsciously in our daily lives with "Chiko-chan," a five-year-old virtual girl who asks adults simple questions one after another!

Colorectal cancer
1/ 29 (Wed) 8:55PM(ET) /5:55PM(PT)
Useful information on health and everyday life is conveyed through various scientific demonstrations in an easy-to-understand way.

A Popular Game Show: The contestants are organized in one team and compete in several games throughout the show. For each mini game they clear, the team is awarded a gold coin that can be used to win prizes at the end. Any team that successfully clears all of the games wins the Grand Slam Prize.The contestants usually entail people who are already celebrities in Japan such as singers, comedians, models (idols), actors, etc.


Veterinarian Kenichi Tamukai
1/ 21 (Tue) 11:25PM(ET) /8:25PM(PT)
A documentary series that focuses on first-class professionals from various fields.

kanazawa, Japan
1/ 25 (Sat) 4:00AM(ET) /1:00AM(PT)
A new type of travelogue discovering cities and people across the globe through a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with local taxi drivers. Enjoy the scenery from the taxi window that makes you feel as if you were there.

1/ 25 (Sat) 2:00PM(ET) /11:00AM(PT)
A close-up look at cities worldwide, as seen by a walking tourist. Viewers visit places off the beaten path, meet ordinary people, and enjoy a travel experience that's only possible on foot.

Mount Everest
1/ 26 (Sun) 3:00PM(ET) /12:00PM(PT)

Hot Spot season 3 Part 1
1/ 26 (Sun) 10:15PM(ET) /7:15PM(PT)
A documentary based on timely subjects famous for its dignity and in-depth reporting.

1/ 31 (Fri) 2:00AM(ET) /11:00PM(PT)

2/ 1 (Sat) 10:20AM(ET) /7:20AM(PT)

Nishinoshima Part 1
2/ 1 (Sat) 4:30PM(ET) /1:30PM(PT)
A scientific information program which explains the latest research, disasters and accidents from scientific aspects with a virtual set in the studio. Part 2 will be aired at same time next week.

2/ 1 (Sat) 7:10PM(ET) /4:10PM(PT)
The series explores the amazing stories of animals in Africa, the Americas and Asia, including Japan.

"Origin of FOOD" Part 4: Sake
2/ 2 (Sun) 10:15PM(ET) /7:15PM(PT)
A documentary based on timely subjects famous for its dignity and in-depth reporting.


Hiroko Yakushimaru
1/ 26 (Sun) 12:00AM(ET) /9:00PM(PT)
A music program targeted at adults featuring musicians, who rarely appear on television, from genres ranging from folk music to the so-called "new music".