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©2019 Bin Konno/"NINKYO-GAKUEN" Film Partners
A high school is badly run. To restore the school, the Akimotogumi yakuza, including their leader Shigesato Akimoto (Toshiyuki Nishida) and their number 2 man Seiji Himura (Hidetoshi Nishijima), appear at the high school. The Akimotogumi yakuza group are old school and they value the most a sense of duty and humanity. Shigesato and Seiji look scary, but they try to restore the school as best as possible. Due to them, the school begins to change. They are then challenged by others.

©2018 "The House Where The Mermaid Sleeps" Film Partners
Kaoruko Harima (Ryoko Shinohara) has two children. She lives separately from her husband Kazuaki (Hidetoshi Nishijima). They have agreed to divorce after their daughter's exam for elementary school finishes. One day, they learn that their daughter drowned in a swimming pool. The doctor informs them that their daughter is brain dead and does not have a chance to recover. The couple has two choices. One choice is to donate Mizuho's organs to others in need and their other choice is to wait until Mizuho's heart stops beating.


©Based on the novel “Tokkai” by Hidetoshi Kiyotake originally published by KODANSHA LTD. © Hidetoshi Kiyotake/KODANSHA Ltd. ©2021 WOWOW INC.
4/ 17 (Sat) 11:15PM(ET) /8:15PM(PT)
In 1996, after the collapse of Japan's asset price bubble, Akira Shibasaki (Hideaki Ito) works in the loan department for Aoba Bank. One day, he is sent to work at a government-run company, which was formed to collect non-performing loans from bankrupt housing loan companies. Workers from different banks, including Akira and ex-employees from housing loan companies, gather at the government-run company. They stand up against vicious debtors and struggle to protect the taxpayers' money.

4/ 18 (Sun) 8:00PM(ET) /5:00PM(PT)
The 60th historical drama depicts the life of Shibusawa Eiichi, known as the Father of Capitalism in Japan. He lived from the mid-19th to early 20th century, contributing to around 600 public projects, and led around 500 enterprises to success. He also committed to the international relations and was nominated to Nobel Peace Prize twice. He kept on challenging with high aspiration throughout the life and his well-calculated planning and sincere work opened up the way to the future of modern Japan.

4/18 Sun.11:15PM(ET) /8:15PM(PT) Start
This drama depicts the life of high school students who have some inferior feelings about their looking. The country they live is an unreasonable place where most of adults have exactly the same faces. Enjoy completely new world of fantasy!

4/19 Mon.10:00PM(ET) /7:00PM(PT) Start
A sea-loving oceanographer, Mio Nagisa(Satomi Ishihara) who wants to protect the sea, meets a marine resort owner's son,Rintaro Hasuda(Go Ayan) who is trying to develop the resort. The two people from different world ends up having a forbidden love.

Detective Oshii(Kazama Shunsuke) hunts down the perpetrators with his outstanding powers of deduction, but unfortunately, all his achievements will always be taken by his colleagues at the end of the cases!

4/21 Wed. 8:00PM(ET) /5:00PM(PT) Start
The third season of the samurai drama "Tachibana Noboru's Memorandum of Youth," portraying young prison doctor Tachibana Noboru who left Akita for Edo with a strong desire of becoming a competent doctor. This time, he is involved in an incident that will influence his future.

4/22 Thu.10:00PM(ET) /7:00PM(PT) Start
Ren Kamijo(Hiroshi Tamaki) is the director of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Criminal Investigation. An incident in Ren’s childhood triggered his thirst for power and he has his sights set on heading the police force by becoming its Superintendent General someday. Ren believes topping the faction that he belongs to is the shortcut to fulfilling his aspiration.He is driven by ambition and has no qualms carrying out work, no matter how dirty it is...

©Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc.
Taro's (Ken Watanabe) business failed and he got divorced. He also left his family's home. 5 years later, his oldest daughter Nanami (Keiko Kitagawa), second daughter Fuyuka (Fumi Nikaido) and ex-wife Junko (Yumi Asou) still live in the same house which Taro left.One day, Taro, who has having difficulties paying for his rent, visits his daughter Nanami's office to ask for a loan.Nanami gets angry at Taro, but later, Taro begins to live the house he left.

4/24 Sat.10:00PM(ET) /7:00PM(PT) Start

4/28 Wed.10:00PM(ET) /7:00PM(PT) Start
10 years after Kenji Sakuragi (Hiroshi Abe) left Ryuzan High School, the school is in a downturn. Ryuzan High School once produced many students that were admitted into the University of Tokyo, but not so anymore. To get the school out of its downturn, Kenji is sent an offer to return to Ryuzan High School.

4/30 Fri.10:00PM(ET) /7:00PM(PT) Start


Touri Matsuzaka in Kanagawa Special
4/ 19 (Mon) 8:00PM(ET) /5:00PM(PT)
Veteran rakugo storyteller Shofukutei Tsurube travels across Japan with a personality, introducing families they meet along the way.

Professional Comedy Creators
4/ 25 (Sun) 11:45PM(ET) /8:45PM(PT)


©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Toei Animation
4/4 Mon 6:30PM(ET) /3:30PM(PT) Start


COVID-19: Video Diary of Nurses at an Intensive Care Unit
4/ 17 (Sat) 10:05PM(ET) /7:05PM(PT)
A documentary based on timely subjects famous for its dignity and in-depth reporting.

AI Investigates Keys to End COVID-19 Crisis
4/ 18 (Sun) 10:00PM(ET) /7:00PM(PT)
A documentary based on timely subjects famous for its dignity and in-depth reporting.

Saito Mayu,Winemaker
4/ 20 (Tue) 11:15PM(ET) /8:15PM(PT)
A documentary series that focuses on first-class professionals from various fields in Japan.

Cherry Blossoms Now: Live from Yoshino, Nara
4/ 24 (Sat) 12:11AM(ET) /9:11PM(PT)
The view with blossoms of 30,000 cherry trees in Yoshino, Nara Prefecture of western Japan, is praised for its exquisite beauty. The trees planted around 1,300 years ago have been preserved manually, being deeply connected with mountain worship that takes cherry as sacred tree. Enjoy overwhelming view of the full-blooming cherry coloring the whole mountain.

4/ 24 (Sat) 3:00PM(ET) /12:00PM(PT)

Katsushika Hokusai
4/ 27 (Tue) 8:57PM(ET) /5:57PM(PT)
A historical documentary program starring an actor Sato Jiro as a boss of a history detective agency. Conducting on-site investigations and scientific simulations, Jiro and his detective team dig into and uncover the truth from historic mystery.

4/ 29 (Thu) 10:20AM(ET) /7:20AM(PT)


4/ 21 (Wed) 11:15PM(ET) /8:15PM(PT)

Kyohei Tsutsumi Special
4/ 28 (Wed) 11:30PM(ET) /8:30PM(PT)
A music program targeted at adults featuring musicians, who rarely appear on television, from genres ranging from folk music to the so-called "new music."