Promotional Offers

TV JAPAN Campaign

Tie Up Campaign (Cannot be combined with any other campaigns)

Expiration Date 2024-03-31 Website From here.
Eligibility The US residents who ordered TV JAPAN for the first time through Nippon Express Seikatsu Oentai website.
How to Apply ①Apply using the online form.
②Register / login to TV JAPAN Members.
③After initiating TV JAPAN subscription, send a copy of first month bill from TV provider.
Please Note ※The copy of the first month bill must display your name, address and TV JAPAN Subscription fee.
※Please submit the application within 2 months after commencing TV JAPAN subscription.
※Reward (rebate) will be granted anywhere from 6 – 8 weeks after the application is received.
※This offer cannot be combined with any other campaign/promotional offer(s) from TV JAPAN.

A special promotion from provider (Now even better! Use it in conjunction with other campaigns!)