What is TV JAPAN

Only Japanese Channel 24/7 available in USA and Canada

TV JAPAN is a 24 hour premium Japanese language channel available in the United States and Canada. TV JAPAN provides a wide variety of programs, from NHK news live from Japan, to the latest drama and movies, documentaries, variety, music, lifestyle, hobby / culture, animation, educational programs and sports. With programs primarily coming from NHK, we also deliver select programming from other broadcasters such as TBS, TV Asahi, TV Tokyo, Nippon Television, Fuji TV, and WOWOW. Also, you can enjoy watching programs in crystal clear High Definition (HD) through most service providers.

How to Watch TV JAPAN

In order to watch TV JAPAN, it is necessary to have a TV service from your local service provider. TV JAPAN is available on Cable TV, IPTV in USA and Canada and Satellite TV (only in USA). To start subscribing, you need to contact your local service provider and add TV JAPAN to your TV package. The price of TV JAPAN is about $25/month in USA and $17/month in Canada. * Price will vary depending on the discretion of the service provider.

If you already have a TV service

If TV JAPAN is available from your service provider, you can simply add TV JAPAN from the channel screen with the remote control (depending on your provider) or by calling your service provider.

If you do not have a TV service

Find the providers serving your area from Provider/Channel Search on the website. And choose and order your preferred programming package along with TV JAPAN.

Watch at a Hotel

TV JAPAN is also available in select hotels 24/7 in USA and Canada.

Programming on TV JAPAN

TV JAPAN broadcasts its programing on schedules appropriate to the daytime/nighttime hours in North America.

1) News from Japan is delivered in an accurate and timely manner

Whenever a major incident or natural disaster occurs, TV JAPAN provides special, in-depth coverage to viewers in USA and Canada.

2) Latest dramas, movies, variety shows, J-Pop and much more

TV JAPAN provides various programs and information, including a variety of highly entertained programs such as dramas, movies, sports, etc., information beneficial to viewers' daily lives, cultural/education programs and documentaries. As a broadcast station based in North America, we also have weekly weather forecasts for the USA and Canada.

3) Educational programs in Japanese is a must for children learning in USA and Canada

TV JAPAN provides Educational programs for children everyday to meet the need from babies to school age children.

TV JAPAN Information Services

TV JAPAN provides viewers and other users with information through various media in addition to broadcast, to maintain close communication with people in the communities we serve.

Monthly Digital Program Guide

You can check featured programs and program schedule for the entire month on TV JAPAN Monthly Program Guide . The digital program guide is available online. Click here.

Email Magazine

Sign up for TV JAPAN Email magazine, you will receive the latest news, information about weekly featured programs and program changes in a timely manner (available only in Japanese).


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